Exams - Rules & Regulations 

Exams - Rules & Regulations

Missed exams

If doctoral candidates miss an exam due to illness, a sick note/doctor's certificate must be submitted by the third day after the exam, otherwise the exam is considered failed and must be repeated one year later. (E.g., if the exam takes place on Friday, the sick note must be submitted no later than Monday.)

If a sick note/certificate is provided, a repeat exam date will be arranged in a timely manner, which may be either a written or an oral exam; this is at the discretion of the lecturer.

If an exam is missed without a sick note, the exam must be repeated in the following year. Whether the doctoral candidate also wishes to repeat the entire course is left up to the doctoral candidate, but the exam must be taken and passed.

Written, but failed exams

If a doctoral candidate fails an exam, an oral exam will be scheduled. If that is failed, the entire course must be repeated.


This page last updated on: 09 October 2023