Mentoring and coaching 

Mentoring and coaching for doctoral candidates and postdocs

Mentoring at Humboldt Graduate School and through the Berlin University Alliance

In cooperation with the Humboldt Graduate School, the Berlin School of Mind and Brain offers its doctoral candidates the opportunity to take part in two mentoring programs.

The Peer Mentoring program supports doctoral candidates still in search of an appropriate career path. It is tailored to doctoral candidates who do not yet know which direction to take after their dissertation. The core components of the peer mentoring concept are the moderated exchanges between the participants and the planning of a “Career Day”, to which the participants can invite professionals from interesting occupational fields.
Link to Humboldt Graduate School with further details on Peer Mentoring and a flier.

The One-to-One Mentoring program supports doctoral candidates in their transition to the next career phase. It is tailored to doctoral candidates who already have an idea about their future careers. The core component is a temporary, supportive relationship between an experienced person (mentor) and a young talent (mentee). The mentor should be experienced in the field which the mentee would like to enter after the completion of their dissertation, e.g. academia or industry.
Link to Humboldt Graduate School with further details on One-to-One Mentoring.

It is possible for doctoral candidates to participate in both of the above-mentioned programs. Your point of contact for both programs is Regina v. Schmeling of Humboldt Graduate School Tel. +49 30 2093-89710, She will also be able to advise on mentoring programs at the other universities within the Berlin Universiy Alliance.

Please also see the list of mentoring and coaching events/opportunities on this website under CAREER -> Events click on this internal link

Mentoring for female scientists at Charité:

TU offers the proMotion training programm / support for doctoral candidates:

TU faculty support:


A doctoral candidate may encounter particular challenges while writing his or her PhD thesis, especially during the final stages. Coping with stress as well as time management could become increasingly difficult and might lead to a writer's block or conflicts within a team.

In such situations, individual coaching could be beneficial. Coaching is a method of consulting with a focus on development and addressed to those who seek to improve their way of approaching challenges. A coach is available for a certain period of time as a professional interlocutor. The focus of coaching is not to discuss the questions concerning the subject matter or to provide informed advice but rather lies with communication and the process of reflection. Solutions will not be stenciled but developed by those seeking advice, thus ensuring that they are adequate to the situation.

The Humboldt Graduate School works with coaches, who have gained various experiences in the field of academia and are therefore especially suited to help doctoral candidates. A coaching usually comprises three to five meetings.

The doctoral program of the doctoral candidate often agrees to pay the costs. Please consult the program's coordinator to find out whether you can rely on their support. The Coaching process adheres to the strictest principles of confidentiality for all involved parties.

For further information please contact Dr. Regina von Schmeling:

Mentoring and coaching at Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg

Private Coaching and Career Development

Dr. Anne Löchte is a professional Systemic Coach and Career Advisor. She was a member of the Berlin School of Mind and Brain’s academic management  2007–2017, and we can recommend her as a very experienced and professional coach and advisor. Please check whether Dr. Löchte will offer her servioces in English.



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