Letters of recommendation 

Letters of recommendation

During the online application process, you will be asked to enter your referees' names, affiliations, and e-mail addresses into the online application tool. The tool will then send an automatic e-mail to your referees informing them that their names were put forward as referees but that they will only be asked for references once your application has proceeded to the interview stage.

Please only enter the required information (full name, institution, and e-mail address) for your referees. Please do not ask your referees to send us letters of recommendation at this stage.

Only if you reach the interview stage in the admission process will the M&B admission committee ask your referees directly for their letters of recommendation for you.

These are the questions referees will be asked by our committee:

(1) How well do you know the candidate and how long have you been in contact with the candidate?
(2) Is the candidate capable of conducting sophisticated research?
(3) Did you supervise the candidate in a research project? How important were the candidate's contributions? Did the candidate contribute own ideas?
(4) Are the candidate's strengths more theoretical or experimental?

Rating Scale: 0=can't judge, 1=below average, 2=average, 3=good
4=very good, 5=exceptional (top 5%)

* Theoretical knowledge:
* Experimental ability:
* Creativity / Originality:
* Analytical ability:
* Ability to work independently:
* Ability to work in a team:
* Motivation / Commitment:
* Maturity:

Remarks (optional):


This page last updated on: 10 October 2023