Research Training Group (RTG) 2386 “Extrospection. External access to higher cognitive processes”


Doctoral candidates

The RTG-specific research seminars, retreats and journal clubs will focus on actual developments of essential relevance for the RTG’s main topic "Extrospection". Since they are also intended to foster interdisciplinary research, cooperation, and interaction among the RTG’s candidates and faculty, they will be offered in each semester.

There will be

Fast-track students (combining Master’s program and doctoral study)

Since the RTG will compete with international graduate programs many of which include a combined master’s and PhD program, we will establish a fast-track option. The fast-track will consist of a one-year master’s program with a consecutive three-year doctorate. Students will have to pass an internal evaluation after the first year in order to be admitted to the doctoral program. Students who do not pass this evaluation will be given the possibility to continue their master’s studies in the Berlin School of Mind and BrainŽ‘’’s master’s program “Mind and Brain” for another year and to get their ŽMA (Mind track) or MSc (Brain track) degree there.


This page last updated on: 10 January 2022