8 - Brain Reading and extrospection 

8 - Brain Reading and extrospection

PI: Professor Dr. John-Dylan HAYNES

Contact: haynes@bccn-berlin.de

Website: https://sites.google.com/site/hayneslab/people/john-dylan-haynes

In recent years, the new approach of “Brain Reading” has developed in neuroscience. This approach uses machine-learning techniques to decode mental states from neuroimaging signals. One important and interesting question is whether brain reading will in principle ever be able to detect a person’s mental state more precisely than the person themselves can do so? Although at first sight this appears impossible, there are examples suggesting that this might be achievable under certain conditions. The current project will use a combination of functional neuroimaging, behavioral reports and mental state decoding to elucidate this question.

Requirements for research topic 8

(1) Strong background in cognitive neuroscience,
(2) Experience with neuroimaging experiments and data analysis,
(3) Intermediate (or better) programming skills,
(4) Willingness and aptitude for interdisciplinary interaction and collaboration,
(5) Willingness to fully participate in the research, education and training program of the RTG,
(6) Proficiency in English,
(7) Master's degree in a relevant field.

The application requirements and procedures below apply to doctoral applications in April 2020 only!!!

Applications for research topic 8

(1) A proposal for a doctoral project in research topic 8: "Brain Reading and extrospection" (max. 5 pages in Arial 11, single spaced, plus max. 3 pages references),
(2) A meaningful letter of motivation (max. 2 pages),
(3) Full academic CV,
(4) Copies/scans of Bachelor's and Master's certificates,
(5) Transcript of records for Master's degree.

Please send the above in one PDF file of no more than 7 MB.

Please name the file as follows: YourName_RTG_Topic8

Two letters of reference should be sent directly to: Ms Annette Winkelmann, mb-extrospection@hu-berlin.de

Application address


Deadline for applicants

currently no research positions advertised

Two letters of reference

Referees should send their letters of reference directly to: Dr. Dirk Mende, Fax +49 30 2093-89751 or mb-extrospection@hu-berlin.de

Guidelines for referees for Topic 8 - please send them to your referees:

Deadline for referees:



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