HU Berlin CMS accounts 

HU Berlin CMS accounts

If you are a doctoral candidate of the graduate school Berlin School of Mind and Brain (M&B) either from HU or from another university affilated with M&B, or a group member, or a guest with a desk or tasks in our building Luisenstraße 56, or a lecturer in the Mind and Brain master's or doctoral programs, you will probably need to apply for an HU computing center account (CMS account).

Why would you need an account? This will gallow you access to services within the university’s systems, and on our premises in Luisenstraße 56, such as:

  • VPN (e.g. use and activation of some HU software, access to the HU network and computers)
  • Zoom account (extremely important, especially for lecturers)
  • Eduroam/WLAN
  • Domain usage (strongly recommended for all on-site members)
  • E-mail address

So, if you intend to apply for an account through the M&B central office (and not, e.g., via your supervisor or your lab), (1) you will have to explain your entitlement to an account with to the M&B central office, and (2) the M&B office (through the signature of the M&B managing director and a M&B stamp) will have to confirm your entitlement to the central HU computing center.

To start this process, you will need an HU account application form:

(1) Your request for an HU account application form

This is what you need to do when asking for the form:

(2) State your reason for applying for this HU account

With your request (see 1) you must state clearly the reason(s) for applying for this HU account through the Berlin School of Mind and Brain (M&B), e.g.:

  • Doctoral candidate of M&B
    Note: If your supervisor/group is based at HU it will be better to apply through your group;
  • Member/guest of a working group based in Luisenstraße 56
    Note: Most probably your group's lab manager will be responsible for your account: please talk to them first;
  • Lecturer in the “Mind and Brain” master's or the doctoral programs
    Note: With your request to the central office please include include an e-mail endorsement by the Master's and doctoral programs coordinator, specifying the course you will be teaching, and the semester;
  • other ...

If approved, we will send you the form to fill in.

(3) When filling in the application form, you must ...

  • not change anything that we pre-entered on the form;
  • provide your last name and first name(s) in legible block letters (or type them on your computer);
  • provide your date of birth in this form: YYYY-MM-DD (e.g., 1998-06-17);
  • provide any previous or existing HU accounts (if applicable; perhaps you had one as a master's student, as a student research assistant, or from a previous visit);
  • provide an original signature (digitally generated signatures will not be accepted by the HU computing center for this purpose).

(4) Duration of your account & renewal applications

  • Your HU-Account will be valid until the end of the calendar year. However, from 1 October onwards (e.g., if an account was requested by you on 13 October), accounts are valid until 31 December of the following year.
  • Since your application will be fixed-term, the HU computing center will always e-mail you the renewal application form for the following year to the mailbox belonging to your e-mail account. The application form will be sent as a PDF file at the turn of the year.
  • The form will have to be signed by you (digitally generated signatures will not be accepted) and sent to the M&B managing director at
  • Please provide a reason for your extension request (see 2 above).

(5) HU and Charité students and HU employees

All students of HU and Charité and all HU employees (= student research assistants, doctoral candidates, postdoctoral researchers ... on salaried contracts) will be provided with an account automatically or should apply for an account directly with the computing center (you will need for this your personnel number):

(6) Read up on how your account works

(7) Account information

Once you have your account, you can get more information here:

(8) Account problems

Please contact the help desk at the central HU computing center:


This page last updated on: 01 February 2023