Children and family 

Children and family

Family room at Luisenstraße 56

The Humboldt Graduate School building Luisenstraße 56 has a family room for use by doctoral candidates, conference visitors, and staff with children. It has a cosy area for children and their minders, with a cot, a sofa, toys, etc., and is equipped with two desks, one with a PC (internet and W-LAN access is available by application).

To book the family room and internet/W-LAN access, please contact the Humboldt Graduate School's Management Office: (030) 2093-89700,
Location of family room: Humboldt Graduate School, Luisenstraße 56, Haus 1, North Wing, 1st Floor, Room 219.

Brochure “How to Balance a Doctorate and Family Life”

You'll find tips, contact persons and supporting offers in the HGS brochure How to Balance a Doctorate and Family Life (external link to download pdf 3.9 MB) - updated in 2022.

What does the brochure do?

  • It presents the various common financing models during a doctorate (HU budget position, third-party funded position, scholarships as well as other financing options) and provides information on parental leave, parental allowance, health insurance, etc. for the different financial framework conditions in each case.
  • It gives advice on job security for pregnant doctoral candidates and practical tips on how to reconcile everyday life.
  • It contains a checklist for doctoral candidates for the period of pregnancy, maternity protection, parental allowance and parental leave, as well as a guide for supervisors or doctoral supervisors.
  • It also covers caregiving and other supervision arrangements.
  • In addition, it offers interviews with doctoral candidates as examples of best practice, as well as an extensive list of links and literature.

Humboldt-Universität Family Office

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin has a Family Office. If you are a candidate at FU Berlin, TU Berlin, Charité, etc., please check with their family offices.

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