Introducing the Podcast Smart & Well

Mental health for students and early career researchers

Over the past two years, a small group of (former) PhD and Master's students from the Berlin School of Mind and Brain has been working on a podcast on mental health for students and early career researchers.

This week the podcast was finally released, with no less than eight exciting episodes. Now, of course, they want the podcast to reach its intended audience! To that end, I am forwarding the announcement to all members of the Berlin School of Mind and Brain.

Please pass the information on to members of your groups and all interested persons.


Dear fellow students and early career researchers,

We are happy and proud to announce the start of Smart & Well, a podcast that dives deep into the mental health challenges faced by students and researchers in the high-pressure world of academia. Join us as we challenge the stigma, foster open conversations, and provide expert insights on topics like stress management, depression, or career insecurities.

Brought to you by a passionate group of students and researchers in Berlin, Smart & Well is on a mission to promote well-being, prevent distress, and build a supportive community.

Stay tuned for eye-opening interviews with experts in psychology, healthcare, coaching, and more. It's time to prioritize mental health in academia!