ECN Speaker Series May-September 2023

“A Spotlight on Cooperation: from Behavior to the Brain”

Seminar Series “A Spotlight on Cooperation: from Behavior to the Brain”

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During this seminar series, that is organized by students/postdocs and supported by the Einstein Center for Neurosciences Berlin (ECN), experts with diverse backgrounds talk about their research, covering topics such as the neural correlates of empathy, eusociality and group based decision making.

Dates for the next seminars:

30.06. Simone Shamay-Tsoory (University of Haifa, Israel):
“The empathic brain: A two-brain approach for understanding empathy”

Special seminar sponsored by BCCN:
12.6. Michael Taborsky (University of Bern, Switzerland / Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin)
"Resource competition and the evolution of cooperation"

21.07. Andy Gardner (University of St. Andrews, UK):
"The evolution of cooperation and conflict"

08.09. James Burkett (University of Toledo, USA):
“Rodent empathy as an outcome for models of neurodevelopmental disorders”

15.09. Friederike Range (University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, Austria):
“Differences in cooperative interactions and their underlying mechanisms in wolves and dogs”

We are looking forward to welcoming you soon!

The Spotlight Cooperation team,

Dr. Anna-Lena Bröcker (AG Montag, Charité)
Athanasios Balomenos (AG Lewin, MDC)
Ben Gerhardt (AG Brecht, BCCN)
Dr. Daniel Mendez (AG Lewin, MDC)
Firdevs Murad (AG Lewin, MDC)
Lena Kaufmann (AG Brecht, BCCN)
Letizia Dalmasso (AG Lewin, MDC)
Madhu Nagathihalli Kantharaju (AG Hörnberg, MDC)
Malav Shah (AG Brecht, BCCN)
Noémie Reveyaz (AG Brecht, BCCN)
Rosalba Olga Proce (AG Hörnberg, MDC)
Dr. Tobias Pohl (AG Hörnberg, MDC)