Summer Semester 2016 

Summer Semester 2016

Course Calendar Summer Semester 2016 (download pdf 250 kb)

External students - Please note:

(1) The lectures/courses which are flagged in the course calendar as “For Mind and Brain students only!” are for Mind and Brain students only!

(2) If you are a student of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, please register for our courses in the Überfachlicher Wahlpflichtbereich section of AGNES.

(3) If you are a student of another university, please print out the Registration as guest auditor / visiting student form (download pdf).

This form will have to be signed by the lecturer of the class you plan to attend as well as by the Master’s program coordinator.

This page last updated on: 03 March 2016

Master’s program coordinator

Dr Dirk Mende
Tel. +49 30 2093-1792

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Berlin School of Mind and Brain

Office for signing forms:
Luisenstraße 56, 2nd Floor, North Wing, Room 308
10117 Berlin