Workshop in Venice 2015 

Neuro-philosophical workshop in Venice (San Servolo)

11–15 March 2015
Open only to doctoral members of M&B!

After April 2011 and April 2013, from 11 (arrival) till 15 March (departure) we will hold our third neuro-philosophical workshop in San Servolo.

In Venice we will have 2,5 workshop days and enough extra time for social activities, to talk and to see Venice.

Again, this will be a joint meeing with our colleagues from the interdisciplinary graduate school Systemic Neurosciences from Munich University, who are mainly biologists, neuroscientists, and philosophers:

The workshop will take place at the Venice International University on the island of San Servolo:


“Predictive coding”

Preparatory material:

Andy Clark, “Whatever next? Predictive brains, situated agents, and the future of cognitive science”
Behavioral and Brain Sciences / Volume 36 / Issue 3 / June 2013, pp. 181–204

For access to this and other papers on predictive coding, please contact: Michal Klincewicz (e-mail)

Terms and conditions for participation

Application is open to all doctoral candidates of the Berlin School of Mind and Brain, and total participation from both Munich and Berlin is limited.

In Venice, you will have to present your idea as a short talk (10-20 minutes, plus discussion).

M&B will cover flights, public transport in Venice and accommodation.

To apply, please hand in a 500-word abstract for a presentation:

  • outlining general thoughts about predictive coding (appraisal or criticism), or
  • about alternatives to the idea of predictive coding, or
  • how predicitive coding is relevant for your own work, or
  • outlining what or how predictive coding could potentially add to your field of research.

Send your applications to: Lena Kästner e-mail

Deadline for applications to committee

15 October 2014

Deadline for acceptance letters to applicants

5 November 2014

Contact and advice

Lena Kästner (M&B postdoc) e-mail
Michal Klincewicz (M&B postdoc) e-mail

M&B Venice committee & travel team

Dr. Ryszard Auksztulewicz (London)
Dr. Joerg Fingerhut (Berlin)
Dr. Lena Kästner (Berlin)
Michał Klincewicz, Ph.D. (Berlin)
Professor Dr. Michael Pauen (Berlin)

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