Career Day 2022 

10th Career Day 2022

Tuesday, 22 February 2022

Online career day for doctoral candidates of the Berlin University Alliance

Entitled "New Horizons", the 10th Career Day for doctoral candidates will take place on 22 February. The event is organized by doctoral candidates of the Berlin University Alliance. The goal of the Career Day is to bring doctoral candidates into contact with people who have been in professional life for years. In a total of six World Cafés on the topics of "Research and Development," "Self-employment," "Communication," "Sustainability & Environmental Engagement," "Information & Computer Science," as well as a thematically open World Cafe, speakers from various industries and walks of life will provide insights into their careers and professional fields and report on starting, changing, hurdles, opportunities, and challenges in everyday work. The doctoral candidates can ask questions in small groups and in this way sharpen their own career goals and plan concrete steps. In addition, there will be two round table discussions with experts on the topics "Academic career or why not?" and "Transition to the non-academic labor market".

The event language is English.



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